Licensing Terms

By using our templates, you agree to our licensing terms

โœ“You are allowed to:ย 
  • Use template to create unlimited websites for your personal websites and for clients.
  • Modify the colors, style and overall appearance of the template and resources to fit your brand, product and requirements.
  • Combine the template with other works and create a derivative work, subject to the terms of this license.ย 
โœ—You are not allowed to:ย 
  • Sell, redistribute, lease, license or sub-license the template or bundled resources, even if modified, on marketplaces, your website or any other platform.
  • Share a single license with multiple users.ย 
  • Modify the original template in order to resell it under your own brand.
  • If you downloaded template for free, you are not allowed to remove link to our website from the footer.

Other terms:ย 
  • Reselling Template Heaven templates, in their original form or modified, is strictly prohibited, regardless of whether you are the original purchaser or not.ย 
  • Template Heaven reserves the right to investigate and report unauthorized sales to third-party sales platforms using publicly available information on the web.ย 
  • In case of unauthorized sales, the seller is responsible for notifying all purchasers of the unauthorized copies, issuing a full refund, and advising them that the licenses are voided and that use of the unlicensed templates may result in their website being shut down or other serious legal repercussions.ย 
  • Template Heaven reserves the right to invoice sellers of unauthorized copies of licensed templates at full list price, which is due upon demand.ย 
  • Template Heaven reserves the right to revoke any license at its sole and final discretion, without a refund.